Microblading Bold Brows Advanced course

Get your microblading skills to an advanced level!

The best recipe for becoming an expert and attracting more customers is to always invest in your knowledge and develop your skills. This training is for already qualified microblading artists and dedicated for you to learn how to perfect your microblading technique using different variations of Bold Brows technique.

Bold Brows Perfection Training is a 1-day workshop, where you will get the chance to improve your microblading skills and learn new drawing methods. After the live course, students get access to the CraftMaster App for 3 months, where they continue to work and practice.

After the live perfection training, Students receive a Bold Brows Perfection Certificate of Attendance.

BoldBrows Perfection Kit is included.

If you would like to be a part of this unique life changing opportunity, please email us.

The availability is limited.

There will be a security deposit required to book a place.